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Russian criminals have launched a massive shelling of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure destroying sub-stations, power lines and power plants. As a result of these actions, there are increasingly frequent and prolonged power outages on almost the entire territory of the country.

The situation is particularly critical in the hospitals, With frequent outages, they are facing serious difficulties to function properly.

The damage of infrastructure is so great that is will take a long time to repair it.

raising now
24,250 euro
for Ovruch city hospital
Currently we are collecting money to put in place solar installation for the Ovruch city hospital.

The goal is minimum €24,250 which will allow at least 30kW of installed capacity. If you want to help. you can donate to any of the partners involved in the collection.

on this page we will updated you on the progress of each national campaign
project card
project title
Installation of solar power plant at the Ovruch city hospital
Address of the project of implementation
Taras Shevchenko Street, 106, Ovruch, Zhytomyr Oblast, 11104
Person in charge
Chychyrko Yuliia
Department of Economic Development and Investment Attraction of Ovruch City Council
phone: +380977321202
Project specifications
Installation of a solar power plant on the roof of a municipal social building to cover own needs Solar panels: 30 kWh installed capacity
Project costs
PV panels 678,650 UAH
Inverter 95,770 UAH
Work 109,350 UAH
Other materials 91,180 UAH
Total: 974,950 UAH
approx. 24 250 Euro
Operating time
20 years
Total planned energy production
Annual electricity consumption by the hospital in 2021 was 413,900 kWh
Planned annual production 29,400 kWh
7% of annual electricity consumption of the hospital